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Introducing StyleADVISOR 8.5! Download It Now!

Mar 26, 2015 Jeremy Poulin

We are pleased to announce the recent release of StyleADVISOR 8.5. Version 8.5 includes a number of new and exciting features. These features include Fee Adjuster, Batch Export of Workbook Tabs as .emf and .eps Image Files, ReportVIEW Page Number Display and the File Locations Tab. Below are specifics on each.

Fee Adjuster
StyleADVISOR 8.5 introduces the ability to apply customized fees to any return series in order to reflect the impact of such fees on performance or any number of other variables. Custom fees can be applied to any manager, benchmark, blend, or custom return series. Five different fee options are available when building a fee. A fee can be applied annually, quarterly, monthly, as a front load or as a back load. All fees are saved within your StyleADVISOR workbook or template. So that when the workbook or template is used again in the future, by you or a colleague, the same fees can be used again easily.

Batch Export of Workbook Tabs as .emf and .eps Image Files
StyleADVISOR 8.5 introduces the ability to batch export workbook tabs as enhanced metafiles (.emf) or as encapsulated postscript files (.eps). This new functionality is designed for users who need to export content in bulk from StyleADVISOR as images for use in external applications like Microsoft® PowerPoint. Workbook tabs can be exported as .emf or .eps files on a one-time basis or through an export script that allows for repeated exports over time.

ReportVIEW Page Number Display
StyleADVISOR 8.5 now offers the ability to add page numbers to ReportVIEW documents with two new dynamic text functions.
<%DisplayPageNumber()%> displays the current page number in a ReportVIEW document.
<%DisplayPageCount()%> displays the total number of pages in a ReportVIEW document.
Typically these two strings of dynamic text code will be applied within the header or footer of a ReportVIEW document.

File Locations Tab
StyleADVISOR 8.5 introduces a new Locations tab within the Global Preferences dialog. This tab displays the location of key files used within StyleADVISOR. The information in this tab can assist users in locating custom files such as blends and templates, while providing information to facilitate technical support calls when needed. To access the Locations tab, navigate to the Tools menu and select Global Preferences…

Instructions on using all of the new features found in StyleADVISOR 8.5 can be found here StyleADVISOR 8.5 Guide to New Features. If you are interested in upgrading to StyleADVISOR 8.5 we encourage you to reach out to our technical support team, so they can walk you through the installation process. Request for installations can be e-mailed to and one of our technical support representatives will reach out to schedule a time.

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