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Zephyr OnDEMAND: Bring Everyone to the Table

Sep 14, 2012 Jeremy Poulin

A few years ago at Zephyr, we took a step back and reevaluated how our clients were using StyleADVISOR. During this process, we were able to see that our asset management and advisory firm clients were often using StyleADVISOR to generate sophisticated reports for fund analytics, client meetings and marketing material. However, there were a few bottlenecks our clients were running into when using Zephyr reports for analytic and marketing material. Specifically in large organizations, the report turn-around time from compliance to sales and marketing teams was inhibiting the overall sales process. With this knowledge we focused on building Zephyr’s, web-based reporting tool Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD).

ZOD complements Zephyr StyleADVISOR by allowing clients to quickly and easily generate compliance-approved Zephyr reports on the fly and from any location. As a ZOD client you get your own ZOD site where pre-defined users can go to generate Zephyr reports customized to your company’s reporting needs. Your ZOD site can be tailor-made with your company logo and a web address that reflects your company name.

Through the deployment process of ZOD, one of the great things we have discovered is that the application brings multiple teams to the table to discuss how their company’s products should be presented, often for the first time. ZOD is not only a software platform; it is a great platform for discussing your products and finding a middle ground on compliance. Essentially ZOD has given all teams the ability to influence how the company’s products should be reported and sold.

Zephyr will help your company setup your ZOD site with the help of your compliance, marketing, and sales teams:

  • Marketing teams design sophisticated StyleADVISOR reports on their own or with the help of Zephyr consultants.
  • Compliance reviews and approves the reports before distribution. They can control the content of the reports by defining rules that restrict fund comparisons, benchmarking and peer group comparisons as well as ensure that all relevant disclosure language is included. ZOD can also provide compliance with a full audit trail of reports accessed through the system.
  • Sales and marketing teams can access Zephyr reports any time and from any location with an internet connection. ZOD is fully compatible with the touch screen interface of the Apple iPad.

As time has gone on, while ZOD was originally created specifically to help fund sales teams, our customers have found additional, creative uses for the new technology and we are constantly moving the platform in new directions with feedback from our customers. If your company has a use case for ZOD or you are interested in additional details on Zephyr OnDEMAND, please feel free to call (800)789-5323/ (775) 588-0654 or e-mail

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